Monday, July 27, 2009


As you might have read in the Bulletin today, Dan Otero left Sunday's game with a "twinge" in his throwing elbow. He won't pitch for a week as he's been placed on the DL -- and the team is need of a couple of arms ASAP (Can Brooks McNiven turn his plane around?). Geivy Garcia is starting tonight.

Also, Steve Decker called Brock Bond and Brad Boyer the Killer B's. They need a better name since Killer B's belongs to Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio and, to a lesser extent, Lance Berkman.



Harold said...

Baby Bs.

By the way, do we know when the Nats scout was in town (e.g. if he was looking at a specific pitcher or was he looking at position players?)

thehondohurricane said...

Wasn't Derek Bell the 3rd Killer B? I think he was the guy that went "0 for" in the play offs every year.

Well ,there are "B" girls, how about "B" guys?

Joe, why can't the Giants find some pitching to send here other then Low A and Short Season A? Hell, Fresno isn't going to make the play offs. Someone from there would help or send Pichardo.

Joe said...


There were a few scouts here two homestands back, but usually teams are looking at everyone in order to get an idea of what's there.


I don't know what the Giants are thinking besides Otero's problems are short-term, so they went with a short-term solution.

Harold said...

Ah, thanks. B footage would be probably a bit insulting. Still brainstorming.