Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Movin' on up

I don't mean to sound critical, and this is meant more as a statement about the Giants organization than anything, but how does Travis Denker, who hit .184 with the Defenders, and .314 with Fresno in eight fewer games, get called up to the majors?

You know why? Because the Giants -- and the players in the organization discard what happens in Norwich. It's the biggest cop out ever. If it's so hard to hit at Dodd Stadium, how were the Navigators able to win an Eastern league championship?

It's this sort of reckless mentality that leads the Giants to skipping over Norwich with the few prospects they have.

I wish the best for Denker; he's a good guy. I just wish the Giants would leave town with their shallow logic.


thehondohurricane said...

I do mean to be critical, because I'm sick and tired of boring baseball which has become a staple at Dodd ever since the Giants arrived. And to add fuel to the fire, now the manager is blaming Dodd and lack of fan support. Well Bien, maybe a team that tries might help, because I'm beginning to wonder about the effort, especially from some of the veterans.

My plea to Sabes is: "Leave. Just get the Hell out of Doddge.

greg8370 said...

How were the Navigators able to win an EL crown (and were an out away from a second) ? A different organization, that's why!
Please leave Giants.
If Bien said what he said wearing pinstripes there would be hell to paid.