Friday, May 09, 2008

Can the rain stop the Defenders?

Your Connecticut Defenders are back home after a successful road trip. While they were away, the team's bats came to life (GASP!) and everyone seemed to be getting in on the act. Whenever this team has gotten hot at the plate I've wanted to urge caution -- even last season with John Bowker, Tyler Von Schell, Randy Ruiz and Eugenio Velez -- the bottom finds a way to drop out in these parts.

This time, I look at two points: the team the Defenders most recently beat up on and how they were scoring runs.

Skipping over Binghamton, who will be in town this weekend because they are not that good, Connecticut took 3-of-4 from Harrisburg, which entered the series with the best record in the Eastern League. They now have the second-best record.

The Defenders have been scoring runs in every fashion, on every type of hit, or with sac flies, bases-loaded walks, etc. They are also not scoring just two runs a game. After plating 33 runs in the last two games against the B-Mets, I am sure the last team Binghamton wants to see right now is the Defenders.

All of that said, I wouldn't be shocked if tonight's game gets the ppd. slapped on it. That also means because if the forecast of showers today, don't expect more than 100 people max with an announced attendance of 2,138 for Fireworks Night.


thehondohurricane said...

No question about the offense having a good road trip, but they actually started hitting better when Trenton was in last week, and did it against their top pitcher, Dan McCutchen.

If this team keeps hitting line drives into the gaps, and singles up the middle things could get exciting at Dodd.

Joe, how in hell did you arrive at 2,138? I stopped counting at 2,384!

Joe said...


It was a completly arbitrary number I pulled from the air.

thehondohurricane said...

We used the same WAG (Wild A.... Guess) system.