Friday, May 02, 2008

Inside the numbers

How bad has the Defenders' hitting been this season?

Here is a list of the worst batting averages in minor league baseball and the teams' records:

Burlington (Midwest League, Low A) .211, 11-14.
Great Lakes (Miderst League, Low A) .214, 11-15.
Connecticut (Eastern League, Double A) .215, 12-14.
Lehigh Valley (International League, Triple A) .216, 4-24.
Mississippi (Southern League, Double A) .218, 7-20.


greg8370 said...

Welcome back to the "front page"!

LC said...

The Defenders are starting to swing a little better, and they only k'ed 4 times against the b mets which is a great improvement.

greg8370 said...

Defs slam B-Mets twice today!