Tuesday, August 14, 2007

RIP Phil Rizzuto

I never got to see him play. That is, outside of video highlights from his World Series games. But I am part of the last generation to experience "The Scooter" in the broadcast booth.

My childhood is filled with memories of watching Rizzuto and Bill White discussing cannoli and calling people Huckleberry in between pitches.

His passing is such a great loss. It's safe to say we'll miss Phil.

Here's one last "Holy Cow" just for you!


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greg8370 said...

Bill White, Frank Messer and Phil were my guys for a long time thru good times and bad with the Yanks. WPIX Channel 11, Phil bailing out early to beat the traffic over the GWB, Cora and the kids...
Should have been in the HOF a lot sooner but glad he finally made it.