Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Re: Sunday's article

I want clear something up before I say anything else: the team is not leaving after this season. The reality is they are here at least through next season and very likely in 2009 (possibly as a lame duck).

That said, I couldn't agree more with the responses posted below. There are multiple parties to blame for what's happening here. The only factor which is exempt of blame is that the market size is small. But, it was big enough when it was a Yankees affiliate. Did the novelty wear off? I'm beginning to believe so.

Those who decided to put the stadium in a business park should be ashamed of themselves for the short-sighted thinking and for essentially condemning the team to Siberia.

Not having local ownership has hurt the team, but I'm not convinced that it has been that big of a factor.

What bothers me the most is that the staff in place this year has done a fantastic job and those who have decided to turn away from the team for whatever reason are missing out on a fun experience irregardless of what happens on the field.

As for on the field, I am sick and tired of hearing people tell me that the Defenders front office (i.e. GM Charlie Dowd) doesn't put good enough players on the field. HELLO!!!! Dowd and the Defenders aren't responsible for providing players. That distinction belongs to the San Francisco Giants, who have done about as poor of a job as possible.

The best player in recent memory skips Norwich entirely, there are no every day position players on the big league team and don't provide the attractive rehab assignments. Look, the best position player the Giants have had here is John Bowker and no one knew what we were in store this year until two months had passed.

The hope here is that things somehow turn around before its too late.

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thehondohurricane said...

Well said Joe. I guess we only differ in a couple of areas. Although it may be on the city borderline, we're not talking about a multi hour trip to reach Dodd. If I can get there from East Hampton, area residents can get there too.

I assume the "best player in recent memory" is Lincecum. I doubt he would have made that big a difference for two or three starts in April and early May, but I can't deny that it would have been a pleasure to watch him pitch a game or two.

We all agree the staff in place has done a good job, yet however long the team may be here, the carpetbagger has already put the whole franchise in a lame duck situation. How are they supposed to generate enthusiasm when the boss continually trashes their efforts?

If someone out their has a program in mind that might work to keep the team here, count me in to do whatever I can to help. AND LET US HOPE THAT WE WILL SOON BE SAYING WELCOME FLORIDA MARLINS.