Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nice win

Wednesday's win is exactly the kind of win the Defenders would have usually let slip away. They took an early lead, allowed Akron to tie the game, but instead of faltering in extras, they hung in there to pull out the win on Simon Klink's home run.

Maybe even more impressive is that it was at Akron, a place the Defenders had only won once since changing affiliations.

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thehondohurricane said...

Even though Akron has had some key players promoted to Buffalo, this was still a nice win. The Aero's look like they might be weakened by player moves come the playoffs, but I'm sure Bogar will have them playing sound baseball.

Is it only my imagination, or are the DEfs playing better baseball under Shane Turner? While they lost 4 of 6 to Akron & Erie at home, in my unprofessional opinion, they looked a lot better.
I hate to even suggest it, but I wonder what EME and Ti would have accomplished with Turner in control.

And to whomever on the Defs staff was responsible for bringing in the "Zooperstars", great job and get them back next year. They sure got the crowd involved. I'd love to see them performing with the cadets in attendence.