Wednesday, August 29, 2007


As the season winds down, many of the players pack up as much as they can before returning home for the offseason. One thing catcher Steve Holm is hoping to leave behind is his car. He has a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder with 165,000 miles and is asking $4,999 or best offer.


Wyman said...

Did you mail it in early like the rest of the team? haha, jk. Actually the team looked pretty good down the stretch (the games I saw). Hopefully I don't see my boy Joe Bateman back in CT next year again!

greg8370 said...

" First baseman Travis Ishikawa grossly underperformed and outfielder Eddy Martinez-Esteve spent nearly as much time injured as he did complaining about being injured.

Giants general manager Brian Sabean didn't hold back when evaluating the once highly respected talents.

"Esteve is tough to value because he's so bitten by the injury bug," Sabean said. "Seemingly every month or every year he's got something going on that holds him back. He's been able to back on the field more. Ishikawa, frankly, has been more of a disappointment at home plate. We thought he'd be further along."

Joe Perez 9/5/07

**Never want to see those two guys back ever--Greg

Joe said...

Sorry, Wyman...I try to spread the love to all my beats. But don't expect Bateman back here next season. After a rocky start, he was fantastic and he's getting closer to the bigs.


I couldn't agree with you more.

I'll post a year-end blog later this week and we can dissect the team from top to bottom.