Wednesday, July 26, 2006

VP's contribution

I was struck by what Defenders corporate sales director Johnny Gill relayed to Bulletin correspondent Marc Allard when Marc talked to him about the departure of former vice president Keith Hallal, who was a big driving force in the Defenders successful brand transition from being the Navigators.
When asked why he moved on, Gill said one of Hallal’s kids one night asked him why he was here (home), that he didn’t leave here, meaning Hallal was neglecting his kids and family.
It just goes to show how tough these kinds of baseball jobs are. They’re not glamorous, just a lot of long days and nights over a long summer.
A long summer is what it continues to be for the Defenders, who dropped their 10th in a row Tuesday night. The team still isn’t hitting and I think that puts the pitchers behind the 8-ball from the start. Mentally, it gives the pitchers the idea they have to be perfect or else and that frame of mind is never good.

Mike Trocchi

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