Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Almost there ...

Brilliantly-pitched game by the Defenders' Geno Espinelli today in Connecticut's 1-0 loss to Bowie. The only run scored came from Espinelli's throwing error, but the pitcher went 7 2/3 innings and allowed only five hits. It's something to build on ... and hopefully it's not too late for the Defenders to make the season respectable.

Mike Trocchi


skip sceery said...

Altoona, probably one of the two best teams in the EL this year, begins a 4 game series at Dodd tonight. If the Defs are going to stop this freefall they are in, taking 3 out of 4 this weekend would be a start. The majority of the games left this season are against the Southern Division teams, who the Defs have had a lot of trouble with so far.

This presupposes that Machemer will get them playing better, Davenport will get the hitters hitting (finally), and Stanley's pitcher will continue to keep them in the games. Sounds like too much to ask for, doesn't it?

Flipper54 said...

The Defenders have an overly full roster and a load of other very talented players. Since the same guys who are starting day after day can't win a game, how about giving the others a chance? It is ridiculous not to change up the line up.