Friday, July 21, 2006

Hot and cold

Hey folks!

The Defenders are still on the road and are in serious need of some home cooking. The road trip started off well, but the team has seemingly fallen back into a slump offensively. It is this same slump that has plagued what could have been a promising season.
How frustrating must this year been for the pitching staff?
It seems the starting pitchers give the team a fighting chance almost nightly. That's not to say the hitters haven't had their moments, because they have.
After seeing the way the Defenders played heading into the All-Star break, I think this is just a matter of a team cooling off after a hot streak.

What do you think?

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skip sceery said...

Well the wheels are coming off total. After 1 inning tonight, Floyd and the Defs are behind 4 to zip. I guess it was only a matter of time when the pitching began to falter. It must be tough going out to the mound every night knowing if you toss 6 or 7 innings of shut out ball,at best you may end up with a no decision.