Friday, July 21, 2006

A good deal?

The team has extended its Player Development Contract with the San Francisco Giants through 2008. While I have no doubt this is a good move for the Defenders, I want to know what the fans think. Would you rather see the team affiliated with a different team. When the Navigators were linked to the New York Yankees, did the proximity of the parent club make you more interested?

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skip sceery said...

I don't beleive either party had an option to jump ship. Being a lifelong Giant fan, I'm glad to see the renewal. But. I'm concerned about the talent the Giants will be sending here in the future after this years high profiled group of position players fell on their face. People in the Bay area are blaming the stadium, but I'm starting to think this group was badly overrated or there are some type of problem in the clubhouse that no one is talking about.