Monday, July 16, 2007

New poll

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thehondohurricane said...

Your poll is skewed! I tried to vote for multiple categories and was denied.

What the Defs do need that wasn't a choice is a Player Development Contract with a major league team that has a decent (not above average) farm system. Yet, I still like this team because they continue to play hard and hustle. Pat Dobson showed he cared, getting ticked off and breaking his bat yesterday after striking out. Machemer is probably going to set a record for getting base runners thrown out this year, but what the heck, it's aggressive.

They do need more hitting. Too many K's and clutch hitting has been absent all year. Velez, Bowker, and Holm are starting to tail off and no one is picking up the slack.

Defense and pitching isn't killing them although the pitching is down a notch this year. Hard to replace Begg, Misch and Sadler. And Anderson has yet to replace Sadler IMO.

Getting back to the Giants, they can blame Dodd, the weather and whatever else they want to criticize, but the bottom line is their farm system isn't developing players the way it should. They better start looking at who is doing the teaching because it's hard to believe not one former position player from Norwich has made an impact at AT &T.

This bitching will likely be continued in the future, but for now, that's my vote!

greg8370 said...

I also "like" these guys but as a last place team they need all of that list and more.
As hondo points out the SF farm system has not developed a single impact regular postion player since coming here in 2003. There never been that day to day buzz about that one guy whose going to be a star.
Matt Cain, didn't start the season here, had 15 starts and was gone before you knew it. Noah Lowry was here in 2003 going 9-6 but I really don't remember any buzz about him.
The guys who were suppose to be the stars; Travis Ishikaw and EME pretty much washed out of here in 2006 and 2007.
Not a single playoff berth in 5 years since getting here in 2003. From 2003 to 2006 the franchise is 266-300 with the best season in '05 when they were .500 at 71-71 for third place. The other seasons include two last place finishes and a fifth place (out of six). This year we're in last...again.
I would blame upper mgmt. but heck, the GM just got an extension.

Joe said...

You aren't supposed to be allowed to vote for multiple categories.