Sunday, July 08, 2007

Amazing first half

With two RBI already against Binghamton today, John Bowker has passed Nate Schierholtz's team-best RBI total from last season.


greg8370 said...

Bowker putting together a very nice season. Velez stealing 29 bases and getting into scoring position sure helps. Webb has his on base moments also and with the week Von Schell has had Bowker should continue to see good pitches.

What was the deal with Sosa pitching?

How hot is Von Schell? EL player of the week?

Joe said...

I'm not really sure what was happening with Sosa pitching. I'll get back to you on that after I talk to Mac.

Von Schell very well may be the player of the week. In fact, unless you want to look at some f the guys involved in those 20-run games, he seems to be the favotite.