Thursday, July 05, 2007

All-Star changes

Alex Hinshaw is out and Brian Anderson and Osiris Matos are in.

The team felt with Hinshaw recently coming off the DL, it wasn't worth the risk of him getting hurt in an exhibition game. He is replaced by Anderson. Matos joins the team as a replacement for Portland's Clay Buchholz, who is pitching in the future's game in San Francisco.


thehondohurricane said...

I got a real problem with 6 Defs, the last place team, being on the AllStar roster. What the heck has Matos done to deserve this "honor" over someone from Trenton or HH or Portland? Too bad the best pitchrt in the league (Buchholz) won't be here.

greg8370 said...


Joe said...

Matos' selection has more to do with ease of replacement. It is traditional that the host team get as many players as possible. I believe that the original five guys deserved their selection. I even find little to argue with over Brian Anderson, but there are a few guys in Trenton who I would have taken over Matos. Like Brent Smith, who threw a no-no on the 4th.

Part of the tradition of selecting a hometown player is to ease the cost on the host team because they have to pay for the airfare.

thehondohurricane said...

What does the Eastern League pick up for the cost of putting on the game? If the host team is supposed to pay for a player's airfare and that justifies loading up the roster with their players, this certainly "waters down" the definition of an All-Star game. I never knew this and if I had, I do not think I would have purchased two tickets, even though it might still be a fun day.

Joe said...

The Eastern league doesn't pick up anything. The host team is responsible for all costs and gets all profits. It helps when companies like Mohegan Sun, Bank of America, John Deere and AT&T step in and absorb some of the cost.

The EL thinks the more local players that are present, the more appealing the game is to the community.