Saturday, April 26, 2008

Olmo Rosario

I was recently asked about Rosario, and what role he plays in the Giants organization. Truth is, I don't think they know for sure. This is a kid who came over from the Indy leagues and they like what he can do with the stick but expect a lot of bumps along the way. He's flashed some nice leather but has gotten a bit crossed on the routine plays. If I had to guess, they'll move him around a little between both middle infield spots and in the outfield to utilize his speed.

That's something he has plenty of, speed. He's no Eugenio Velez, but the guy could steal 20 bases if he gets on regularly.


greg8370 said...

Hey Joe,

Not for nothing but I think it's pretty lousy that almost a month into the Defender's season your blog isn't "up" on the site and the UCONN women's blog lives on a month after their season has ended.
This it my computer or something else (like they don't care about the Defenders).


Juan said...

Hi, Recently Olmo Rosario sign a contract with the IBL (Italian Basebal League) and he's currently working out in the Dominican Republic, he'll be moving to Italy as son as he gets his visa status situated.

Olmo Rosario had issues with his American Visa which prevented him from getting his contract renew with the Giants...