Thursday, January 28, 2010

A new day

As some suggested, this is a day of celebration; a new day for the community. A second chance, if you will. I can't really disagree with that notion. I'm also not jumping through hoops set ablaze, either.

Understand that there are things that don't quite sit well. I'm not going to get into everything at this time, but just understand there are things that could have been handled better.

Namely, the whole process. One thing I learned from watching the Defenders leave and the Tigers arrive is that Minor League Baseball works at its own pace and has no problem trampling anyone or anything in its path.

A primary concern is that, at least publicly, the search to fill jobs won't really start until the relocation gets the good 'ol rubber stamp. That part is expected to be a technicality. Here's the rub: there are several minor league experienced people in town who can help make this transition smooth as possible. There are built-in relationships with the community/advertisers, etc. There are businesses who earmarked some money for baseball season BUT became tired of waiting around the holidays. Some have already spent their bucks. Others are on the verge. Meaning, the opportunity to rake in the maximum dollars available is already gone out the window. The dollars that linger, well, those are not under a cake lid like in the Geico commercials. These stacks of cash have someplace to go besides baseball.

Had Minor League Baseball -- and the New York Penn League -- not dragged its feet for months, the Tigers could have been up and running weeks, if not a month or more ago.

Don't be shocked if there are severe struggles this season especially if the Tigers are new faces top to bottom.

Big picture: Having a new team is good. I just hope that the late start and even later move to get into the local game doesn't doom the first season at Dodd Stadium.


cutterfan said...

I find it interesting that our new GM,Andy Weber is the son of one Oneonta's owners. All loyalty or nepotism aside, if I were Prentice or Hayes I would want to move away from a front office that could barely get 500 fans into the park and did nothing to market the Tigers in 2009. People may talk ill of our former GM but he and his staff had real ties to the area and we can only hope that our new team chooses to utilize our hometown talent. An entire front office that is Oneonta transfers is not what our new team needs especialy when they are 4 months away from Opening Day.

greg8370 said...

well said Joe about mib running the show it's way.
Also a note to the new front office staff---keep the start times of the games the same as last year i.e 6:30PM Monday thru Saturday and 1PM on Sundays. No one wants 4PM or 5PM start times on Sundays!

greg8370 said...

cutterfan....the new front office should reach out to a former staffer Andy Pappas who has long ties to the area....

cutterfan said...

Greg- I agree on the Andy comments you made here and on your personal blog. I knew Andy and he worked hard to make the Defenders a success! Both Andy and some of the other former front office staff members that are still local have important relationships with Norwich and local communities and local businesses. The Tigers will need these people to help make 2010 a success. Thank you to you and Joe for keeping us fans in the know these long months. I can only hope we can have some staff members who can bring their expertise and knowledge of our market to Weber and crew.