Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The city appointed negotiating council met today with members of the NY-Penn League, including president Ben Hayes.

My understanding is that the Eastern League and New Britain have waived any rights to the territory, so unless someone finds a way to botch this, there should be a team in place by month's end and no later than mid Novemeber.


greg8370 said...

thanks for the update, Joe.

greenlemon15 said...

hope they make a decision soon. I wonder if they will enjoy listening to The Outfield as much as we did.


greg8370 said...

closing in on mid November....anything new. Vermont just hired a new GM (wishful thinking?)

greg8370 said...


Will there be a new team under my Christmas tree this year?

Joe said...

Sorry I have been MIA.....a lot of serious family matters to attend to.

As for what I'm hearing -- it's 50/50 right now. Things are getting VERY close to a decision having to be made.