Friday, April 17, 2009

Decker means business

Any night where there are fireworks at Dodd Stadium, the Defenders like to escape the parking lot before the fans do.

Not any more. And not under Steve Decker.

Upset at how his team hit in the home opener Thursday, Decker called all the hitters together for a meeting at the indoor batting cage. Whenever someone misses a sign or fails to do their job at the plate, on the mound or in the field, they have a postgame meeting with Decker.

Thursday, he wanted players to understand their job. Tyler Graham bunted with two strikes because that is what he was supposed to do. What Graham was also supposed to do was to give up his at-bat for the good of the team. He didn't, fouling off the pitch and making the at-bat twice as wasteful.

It's not the "Giants Way," as Decker said.

I like this guy.


greg8370 said...

Nice.....very nice

Anonymous said...

finally, seems like there is an organizational philosophy

and i do see decker as a candidate for the big clubs managerial spot