Sunday, November 02, 2008


It's November so it's a good time for y'all to drop by with some questions and I'll give some answers.

Greg asked if Steve Decker would be the Defenders' new skipper next year replacing Bien Figueroa, whose future is uncertain.

I'll tell you what I know. I asked a team official this summer about Decker and was told there was no way the Giants would bring Decker to a place they hate. Another person said Decker would be the right guy at the right time with the expectations low for the Defenders. He's be expected to do more molding than winning.


greg8370 said...

Hi Joe,

Who would you selected as the team's MVP for the '08 season?

Joe said...


I think the team MVP is Pablo. Looking at where the team was before his arrival, where it was with him and where it went when he left, I think he's an easy pick.

Now, if we want to exclude him because he played less than two months with the team, I'd have to say Joey Martinez. Martinez was one of the four or five best starters in the league and for the most part was as tough on the road as he was at home. His numbers were slightly better away from Dodd Stadium, which is unusual for Defenders pitchers.

thehondohurricane said...


Have the Def's hired replacements for Andy Pappas and Tony Scott, promote from within, or leave the position open (in Andy's case)?

Joe said...


The last I heard, no replacements were made yet, but will be on their way. Considering the team's finances and the present economy, I don't expect the front office to be complete until late January.