Friday, September 19, 2008

What the future holds

It's either the Giants or the Reds. Or, well....I don't want to say the other optiion, which is a shot in the dark at best. A decision is expected by the end of next week, and I get a feeling that it will be the Reds here next season. But I also have the feeling after talking to some of the parties involved that comfort, for lack of better word, with the Giants may win out. I suspect either team will sign for two years (the Giants because they want out of Norwich and the Reds to get a feel for the place).

Check out Sunday's Bulletin where I will have more on the situation.


greg8370 said...

Joe--the other option is a real long shot.

greg8370 said...

I'm reading Trenton and the Yanks will renew on Wednesday this week.

goodbyegiants said...

Well my blooger name says it all. I hope the defenders get a new affiliate because the giants have one of the worst minor league organizations in baseball other than a couple of players there haven't been many Double a giants who have turned into superstars. Also the other problem is that the stadium is nice but in a poor location.