Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rule 5 update

Former Defender Joe Bateman was selected by Milwaukee in the Triple-A phase of the Rule 5 draft. One other Giants prospect, LHP Travis Blackley was selected by Philadelphia in the major league phase.

The Giants selected Jose Capellan from the Red Sox in the major league phase and SS Juan Ciriaco from the Padres in the Triple-A phase.

As for Bateman, he showed signs of having big-league stuff especially once he regained his comfort level after returning from an arm injury in spring training. Good luck to him.

And just an amusing note, Ray Liotta (not from Field of Dreams) was selected by Kansas City in the Triple-A phase.

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Wyman said...

I'm thinking a change of scenery might be good for Bateman as he's been an All-Star multiple times in the minors, has a career 1.15 WHIP and hasn't even been thought of by the Giants management as a guy with a chance. Hopefully he can continue to put up the numbers in Nashville and then get a cup of coffee at some point with the Brew Crew. Definitely good luck to Joe.